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We will show you how we can help your business be more profitable.  We can give you the “Edge” you need to be more successful.

Security Camera Installation

Edge CCTV is a complete installation and video surveillance company.Image of CCTV Camera We are committed to the success of Atlanta area businesses, whether they are startups or well-established, and whether they are big or small. Some of our clients include small businesses, apartment communities, retail chains, grocery stores, jewelry stores, private clubs, warehouses, and restaurants.

We routinely handle both ground-up security camera system installations that involve designing the complete system from scratch, as well as equipment and service upgrades and expansions onto existing platforms. Perhaps more importantly, we also perform expert security consulting services that give you added peace of mind. 

Each of these services comes with a satisfaction guarantee and an additional 60-month warranty.

An Atlanta, Georgia Based Security Company

CCTV surveillance is not “hidden camera” surveillance. Employees fully understand that there is a monitoring system in place, and that is the entire point. You need to know that work is carried out according to your instructions even when you are not there. Only a CCTV system provides that kind of peace of mind, and only Edge CCTV offers the best solution for your business in and around Marietta and Atlanta.

Every project we undertake, whether it is a single-camera system or full coverage over several acres of workspace, is a tailored and managed solution. Your customized surveillance system will also be scalable, so it’s easy to add cameras at the same place, or at different places, as your business grows. Regardless of physical location, the livestream feed comes directly to your laptop, smartphone, or other device in real time, and the recorded footage is preserved in a secure location that’s also easy to access.

Want to see this in action live? Along with our small business security cameras, we offer an online product demonstration.

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Managed Solutions

An EdgeCCTV Security System is a managed tool to help make your business more profitable.  An Edge system is the tool you need to ensure things are being completed the way you expect them to be even when you are not in the room.  Viewable from any PC or smartphone, you will know that your employees are doing what is expected simply by logging in and checking on them.

Business Management Video Solutions

Every security system from Edge is a custom solution designed to meet each of our customers individual needs.  From multi-acre facilities to single camera systems, we will design a system to meet your needs.  With our scalable solutions, we can start with just a few cameras and expand the system as your business grows.

Online Demonstration

When asked, business owners have told us repeatedly that the two things they value most from a surveillance camera system is that it works when it is needed and that is easy to use.  Our managed solutions ensure your system will be running but nothing is better than actually using and experiencing for yourself how easy our system is to use. Click here for an online demonstration.

Employee Management Benefits

How many times has the boss walked into a room, and suddenly, everyone is busy? Wouldn’t it be nice to have that CCTV camera dimensions and sketch effect on your employees even when you are miles away? Edge CCTV can make it happen.

Once upon a time, employee surveillance was essentially an anti-theft device. Largely due to advanced real-time monitoring capabilities and greatly enhanced picture resolution, today’s CCTV is an essential productivity tool. The possibilities are almost endless. For example, idle employees can receive additional assignments, overworked employees can receive relief, and struggling employees can receive the information and/or encouragement they need to reach peak performance.

Many of our partners see productivity increases of over 30 percent, thanks to their Edge CCTV system, and many business owners see results almost overnight.

Disputes are inevitable in any workplace, and too many times, these disputes degenerate into a seemingly endless 

“he said, she said” back and forth. An Edge CCTV system lets you know if that worker really was injured because of an accidental fall or if the customer does have a legitimate complaint about a product or service.

The fact that we stand behind our surveillance systems, and constantly work to maintain a high level of service, gives you even more confidence that we offer the best security cameras for business.

A Commercial Surveillance System You Can Count On

Many of our partners are manufacturers and other businesses that rely on repetitive processes, and Edge CCTV maximizes efficiency at this level.

CCTV 3d Model

Our system lets you watch every second of every product assembly no matter where you are in the world. Moreover, at playback speeds of up to 32x, you can breeze through an hours-long process in just a few seconds, to quickly identify any possible time-saving shortcuts. Some of our partners also share this footage with their customers, making the manufacturing process more of a collaborative effort.

The “Edge” is the advantage you have with an Edge Security Camera System installed by us. It is the change in employee attitude simply because they know they are being watched. It is the knowledge that your business will still operate as you expect it to, even when you are no longer onsite. It is the confidence you get from having an actual recording of what happened. It is pride you have in your product knowing that it was made the way you instructed it to be. It is the freedom to be off-site and still manage your business remotely. It is the peace of mind that lets you pursue your business goals. This is the “Edge”.

Employee Attitude

Ever walk into a room and suddenly everyone gets busy? They know you are there and now you can see what they are doing, with our offsite capabilities you can have that same impact even when you aren’t able to be in the actual room. We have many customers who regularly view their system from their cell phone and call their employees who they notice are off-target. They tell us the difference in employee attitude is amazing and instant.  Several customers have reported increases in productivity of over 30%.

Evidence based decision making

One auto repair business owner reported that a customer complained that he thought he was being taken advantage of. The customer asserted that the serpentine belt could not have been damaged the way that it was by normal wear and tear and implied that it had been cut. The concerned business owner asked the customer to review the video with him and they soon discovered that tech had, in fact, cut the belt. Floored, the business owner profusely apologized to the customer and replaced his belt at no charge. He resolved the situation with the employee by immediately terminating him. With an Edge Video Security system installed, the business owner was able to easily identify the problem and ensure that his customers were being treated the way they should be.


As an operation who takes much pride in how our work is performed, we understand how important it is for your employees to follow your procedures. An Edge Security Camera System will give you ability to manage those processes even if you are not able to watch every second of it. You can speed the playback up by 32x normal speed and breeze through the entire building process and quickly identify any shortcuts that may have been made. We have several machine shops who use this feature regularly and a few who even offer to allow their customers to review the video with them if they have any questions about the manufacturing process.

Your Business needs to grow

While solid process control and employee management are vital to a successful business, many business owners need to spend their time making their business grow. When they are focused on operational procedures they find they do not have the time to make the deals that are going to bring them the next windfall or the next big breakthrough. Having everything recorded, you can have the peace of mind to work on those other projects and know that your operations have been recorded and can easily be reviewed at your convenience.

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Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Results

Edge is loaded with useful features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. Edge is not only built by us, but also by our users.

Multi-Device Access

Monitor your EdgeCCTV video surveillance system from your iPhone or Android smartphone! Using the latest system technology you are now able to monitor your business from your iPhone or Android device using an app from either iTunes or Google Play. We also support iPads/ Tablets and connections from any PC!

Audio Recording

Recording of audio where your employees interact with your customers ensures that your customers are being treated the way you expect them to be.  It is also the BEST tool you can have should you ever have an instance where a customer claims he/she did not authorize work.  Most of the time simply offering to show them the audio recording will cause their memory to return.

Vital Sign Monitoring

Edge’s Vital Sign Monitoring Service is how we safeguard your system from failures.  These are electronic systems, its not a questions of IF something will fail, but rather when.  And when there is any sort of failure we are notified and we begin solving the problem as soon as it happens.  This service is critical to ensuring that you do not find yourself in a situation where you are in need of video but are unable to view it because of any number of failures.

Email / Text notifications

Many customers use email and text alerts to protect their secure areas.  Receiving an email or text whenever a motion sensor is passed is a great way to be alerted that there is activity in sensitive areas.  There are many ways to use this feature, we recommend a consultation with one of our representatives to see if this is a good fit for you.

Digital Watermark

Digitally Watermarking the video allows the video to be admissible in court.  There have been several cases where the evidence was deemed inadmissible because the judge  suspected the evidence of being tampered with.  A digital watermark proves the authenticity of the video, it guarantees that the image has not been altered in anyway.

Low Monthly Payments

The total package all comes with a low monthly payment to make this amazing technology accessible.  We do not require a large down payment to get your system up and running for you.  Typically all we need is the first months payment and we can arrange for your installation.
Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More
  • Prevent Armed Robbery

  • Employee Accountability

  • Accident Verification

  • Employee training

  • Alarm Verification

  • Deter shoplifting

  • Stop Employee theft

  • Stop Vandalism

  • Process Management

  • Liability

  • Delivery Verification

  • Protect Your employees

  • Protect your business

  • Quality Control

  • Remote Offsite Viewing

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User Reviews: We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to serving the Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. When you buy Edge, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 5000 cameras installed and counting, you cannot go wrong with Edge. Check out what our users are saying about Edge!

"Values reliability and accountability"

I look for a firm that values reliability and accountability. I need to know that the camera system will be up and running, and if it’s not that I can get in touch with someone who will begin working as soon as possible to get the problem fixed.

EdgeCCTV has given me and my customers peace of mind by providing us with an easy to use and comprehensive video monitoring service.
Edge CCTV, these guys are great, true professionals, installed a two camera system without fuss and on time, back up support has been tremendous, I would not hesitate to use or recommend these guys!
Incredible customer service – best in the business!
Kenneth, Access Management Group
EdgeCCTV has absolutely helped our company improve. We are a manufacturer with multiple projects in house at any one time. I find that people are generally more careful around the equipment as well as work at a faster pace. This means that our labor rate drops and our profitability rises in conjunction.
Satisfied, Customer
The system Edge installed for us has already been a huge help, and their expertise made sure areas I did not think could be covered were covered. We have already provided video to the police with the system.
Satisfied, Customer
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