Bizarre Crimes Solved by CCTV

By edgeadmin | October 23, 2018

Just about everyone acknowledges that CCTV is a crime deterrent. You truly must be a very stupid criminal to commit a crime in front of one. Getting security cameras installed, for example, will ensure any crimes that happen on your property are recorded both for evidence as well as to help apprehend the perpetrators. Here…

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Car Dealership Security Cameras Catch Carjackers

By edgeadmin | October 15, 2018

Dealerships as Targets It may seem odd for carjackers to target car dealerships. After all, these facilities often have very advanced security measures in place and vehicles kept locked and inaccessible to the general public. However, this crime is more common than one would think. Tales of salespeople being dragged as thieves make off with…

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How CCTV Can Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

By edgeadmin | October 5, 2018

It’s unfortunate, but some people are just looking for a quick payday, and the target just might be the business you worked so long to get up and running. In today’s world of baseless lawsuits and people who want to take advantage of get-rich-quick schemes, businesses must go to extreme lengths to protect themselves. Don’t…

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Funny and Strange Photos Caught on Surveillance Cameras

By edgeadmin | September 13, 2018

Security cameras and surveillance systems are not just a luxury. For a business, they’re a necessity. Business owners must have the ability to keep an eye on what goes on not only after hours, but even during normal business hours. Most people are used to the idea of security cameras everywhere and go about their…

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Public Video Surveillance Improves Convenience for Everyday Life

By edgeadmin | September 8, 2018

Video surveillance cameras are commonplace. We’re used to the all-seeing eyes outside commercial buildings and public areas that are high-tech layers of security for local businesses, offices, and merchants.

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Jaywalking? Surveillance System Could SMS You a Fine

By edgeadmin | September 3, 2018

Most people have jaywalked at some point in their lives, whether they were rushing across the street to catch the train or they just couldn’t be bothered to wait for the light to turn. It’s considered pretty normal in many cultures and countries to cross the road even when the pedestrian light isn’t illuminated. People…

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Back to School Month – Security Camera Funding for Schools

By edgeadmin | August 27, 2018

As a school administrator, you know better than most that safety in schools has been a major concern over the past few years, with the best security measures and methods being a top hot button topic of conversation throughout the country. There are many advantages to installing a surveillance camera system at any school.

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How Police Use Facial Recognition Surveillance Cameras

By edgeadmin | August 8, 2018

Police can now use a surveillance camera mounted at a road intersection to provide an image of a driver in a moving vehicle. The driver’s face can then be matched with photographs in a police database. The facial recognition technology can be used to identify a suspect or an escapee, or it can be used…

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How Security Cameras Improve Your Safety

By edgeadmin | August 1, 2018

Installing a security camera system not only serves to solve a crime after it has taken place, but also to deter crimes before they are committed! This article will explain to you why and how security cameras are most effective and how to ensure that your business is well protected via a security camera system.

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Choosing the Right Video Security System for Your Business

By edgecctvmktg | July 29, 2018

Whether you’re a big corporation or a mom and pop store, your business can benefit from a great security system. The first thing to consider is what you want from your security system. Some companies want a visual deterrent. This type of system works well in car lots, outside of restaurants, and in convenience stores.…

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Ways Your Business Is Vulnerable to Theft

By edgecctvmktg | July 15, 2018

Theft can affect your business’ bottom line in a big way. From insurance premiums to opportunity costs, regardless of the way that you lose inventory or cash, it hurts. At Edge CCTV in Marietta, we deal with businesses that have been robbed or experienced loss of money and products. Here are some ways that your business…

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The Best Places for Hidden Security Cameras

By edgecctvmktg | July 8, 2018

 Your business’s security camera system is only as good as the placement of the security cameras. If they don’t capture areas where you may experience loss of merchandise or other issues, they might as well be taking video of a blank wall. Understanding where to place your cameras, however, can be tricky. If you’re trying…

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