How Cameras Wage Psychological War on Criminals

By edgecctvmktg | May 15, 2018

Having retail store security cameras in Marietta or cameras for any type of business really is a smart idea. It can protect you and your family from serious harm, vandalism, and theft. It can make you feel more secure that your business is safe and protected and that you won’t ever have that immense feeling of violation…

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Why CCTV Is the Best Security

By edgecctvmktg | May 3, 2018

Having a robust and reliable security system at your business is essential to protect your business from preventable losses. Losing business assets and valuables to theft or for any other reason can feel very violating and even devastating. This is one reason why choosing the proper security system is so important. Look through the following…

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Things You Can Capture with a Security Camera

By edgecctvmktg | April 26, 2018

Even though the best-understood threats to business are from external sources, protecting your company from the inside out helps you ward off more potential threats. Here is some of the harmful activity you can catch with security camera systems. The most well-known type of threat to businesses is external. A thief coming in to rob…

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Keep Your Business or School Safe with Security Cameras

By edgecctvmktg | April 19, 2018

We have few basic needs in life. All we really need is to be fed, clothed, and have a safe shelter. Our modern society has moved well past our foundational requirements. We zoom through our very busy days with lists of places to be, people to see, classes to take and a timeline for each…

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Best Drivers Caught on Tape

By edgecctvmktg | April 12, 2018

We’ve all had those days. Everything seems to be going along great, then “BAM!”, you walk into a parking meter. Now, imagine doing that with a car. Or better yet, let’s watch it happen to other people. And who knows? After you install your own surveillance camera system in Marietta, you might be able to capture your…

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Hilarious Burglaries Gone Wrong on Camera

By edgecctvmktg | April 5, 2018

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from surveillance cameras, it’s that robbers are not that smart. Not everyone who embarks on a life of crime is a criminal mastermind. Usually, they do not put a lot of thought into it and thanks to video monitoring, the proof is readily available all over the internet. So,…

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Interesting Facts about Surveillance Camera Systems

By edgecctvmktg | March 28, 2018

Businesses care about their customers, employees, and property. To protect their assets, many companies choose to install and use CCTV surveillance systems. In many cases, this provides a sense of security and prevents crime. With many options for CCTV installation services in Atlanta, it makes sense why local businesses are investing in this resource. It seems…

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Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Video Surveillance

By edgecctvmktg | March 15, 2018

Getting a video surveillance camera system in Marietta could prove to be the best investment your business has ever taken. It will deter robbers and thieves, it will keep your employees more honest, and it will allow you to keep watch of your place of business anytime and anywhere. These are all great reasons to…

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Surveillance System

By edgecctvmktg | March 5, 2018

Theft, customer dissatisfaction, and employees who don’t follow protocol can all cost your business a significant portion of profits. Many of these problems can be hard for one manager to detect. Commercial wireless security cameras provide extra pairs of eyes to improve the overall safety and earnings of your business in these five ways. 1. Deter Criminals…

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How Parking Lot Security Cameras Protect against Hit and Runs

By edgecctvmktg | February 23, 2018

Any accident in your store’s parking lot can be a nightmare. While safety is the chief concern, reckless drivers could do more than just injure your customers and employees. They can damage your property and even have you held accountable for an accident on your property. With all the potential risks “hit and run” accidents…

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Restaurant and Bar: Best Placement for Video Surveillance

By edgecctvmktg | February 19, 2018

Do You Need Surveillance? Installing a restaurant security system in Marietta is not just essential for the security of a restaurant or bar. Video surveillance also helps you, the business owner better understand your customers’ experience when they dine with you. Customers also feel more secure knowing that you’re watching out for their best interest while they…

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Watch These Amazing Valentine’s Day Proposals Caught on Tape!

By edgecctvmktg | February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays. It brings to mind those days of being a kid and learning you have a secret crush, and all the yummy little marshmallow hearts that go along with it. And, what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as an adult than with proposing to your significant other?…

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