The importance of access control

By [email protected] | January 12, 2021

Who has access to your company’s information and resources? That is the vital component to access control. The concept itself is simple. Access control is nothing more than how you determine who has access to prescribed areas within your organization. For instance:  Your most entrusted managerial level employees may have unfettered access, while new employees…

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Protect your inventory: Car dealership security tips

By [email protected] | December 15, 2020

Car dealerships are like all-you-can-eat buffets for thieves. Instead of going back for more biscuits, burglars can select the perfect make and model of vehicle for their needs. And they don’t even need butter. In other words, it’s not if you are going to be a target; it’s when.  Unfortunately, all it takes is one…

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Did you know? A few cool facts about CCTV

By [email protected] | December 8, 2020

They are everywhere, but we are so used to them we barely notice their existence. CCTV cameras work in the background, keeping our homes and businesses safe, with hardly a thought. So, it is time to shine the spotlight on these modern sentries and dive into a few cool facts. Let us start at the…

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Seven security mistakes you are making during the holidays

By [email protected] | November 17, 2020

This year the holidays may be a bit more challenging due to the pandemic, but in addition to the hurdles 2020 has already thrown your way, the last thing you need to deal with is theft. So, while you’re enjoying a mug of hot cocoa and singing your favorite carols, you need to make sure…

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Why CCTV Will Change Your Small Business

By [email protected] | November 10, 2020

Unfortunately, many small business owners think video surveillance is only for large operations. You know, the big guys, who can invest tons of money into their security. Luckily, this belief is untrue. There are CCTV systems for all budgets, and the benefits of implementing such solutions are many. Finding a video surveillance system that fits…

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Infographic: Where to place your CCTV cameras

By [email protected] | October 13, 2020

Installing CCTV cameras in strategic locations is vital in keeping your business safe and secure. However, there’s more to setting up a complete system than just knowing where to install cameras. In addition to discerning the optimal areas, each camera has to be angled correctly to get the best view of the secured space. We…

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DIY CCTV versus professional installation

By [email protected] | October 12, 2020

You’ve done the research, poured over the numbers, and the results are unanimous; it’s time to invest in a new CCTV system. But while you were perusing website after website seeking CCTV guidance, one part is still a mystery. Should you break out your toolbelt and dive into a DIY installation, or should you hire…

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Five Areas of your Business that CCTV Can Secure

By [email protected] | June 9, 2020

As a business owner, you’d like to be everywhere at once, making sure your establishment is always safe and secure. However, unless you have some type of amazing superpower, this just isn’t possible. That’s where CCTV comes to the rescue. This convenient video technology enables you to monitor all areas of your business, 24 hours…

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7 Places You Should Never Hide Your House Key

By [email protected] | May 26, 2020

You just arrived home from taking a nice, long walk around your neighborhood. How refreshing. But as you reach into your pocket for your house key, it’s not there. Thankfully, you have hidden a key outside of your home, so no worries, right? Unfortunately, wrong. Even though in this instance, having a hidden key saves…

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Beyond the Cameras: 8 Cybersecurity Statistics You Should Know

By [email protected] | May 19, 2020

You’ve invested in the latest CCTV technology and a complete security system that has your business on lockdown. Additionally, you have thoroughly trained your employees in security protocols, and you implicitly trust every one of your workers. However, have you considered the digital side of your security efforts? According to Accenture, digital security breaches have…

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Store During the Holidays

By edgeadmin | November 12, 2019

The holiday season entails more customers and more revenue but also, unfortunately, more thieves. Taking security and safety seriously is a year-round job, but during this festive time of year placing more focus on these important tasks is even more vital. So, how do you keep your store welcoming and safe for your loyal customers…

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Tips for Running a Secure Daycare

By edgeadmin | October 8, 2019

There is nothing more precious than our children. And even though we would always love to protect them from dangers, other important engagements – such as work – take us away from them daily. Enter daycares. Daycares perform a vital part in our society enabling hard working parents to focus on their jobs while their…

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