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How do I install this on my iPhone?

By downloading our in-depth guide, it will be easy to access your cameras on your personal iPhone....... For information on your locations camera and logins, please call our support line at 678-883-0999 option 2, and we would be happy to assist you in obtaining a logon for your site

How do I install this on my computer?

How do I install this on my Android Phone?

How Important is the warranty?

Warranty Information | Vital Sign Monitoring
Edge CCTV, Inc. provides an industry leading 60 month warranty on its lease packaged programs. Those same solutions also include a 60 month subscription to our vital sign monitoring service. This warranty and subscription together is how we ensure that your system will work for you. Should there be any sort of failure we are notified and we begin solving the problem as soon as it happens. This service is critical to ensuring that you do not find yourself in a situation where you are in need of video but are unable to view it because of any number of failures. While we do believe we have the best product there is, it is still electronics and everyone knows how often they can fail. When working with mission critical equipment it is necessary to have a plan in place to resolve problems as soon as they happen and that is exactly what we do for you.
We also provide unlimited technical support. As much as we think everyone should use our product everyday to assist with daily business management, some users only access the recorded video to review incidences. The problem with this method is that since you have an Edge system installed, the number of times you find yourself needing to resolve issues with objective evidence is going to be greatly reduced. Most problems will simply stop, but should you not need to access the playback but every few months, don’t worry because we have the best technical support. Simply call us at 844-883-0999 and ask for tech support and you will promptly be connected to one of our factory trained representatives.

Please note that our standard warranty does not cover theft, vandalism, abuse, acts of god or electrical surges but we do have programs that do!

What about after the 60 months are over?
That is a great question, we offer a warranty extension program that also includes a subscription to the vital sign monitoring service and unlimited technical support. This monthly amount was calculated when your proposal was made. Simply call 844-883-0999 and ask for a customer service representative to determine how much was that amount. We do bill either quarterly or annually for these services. In some cases we will offer this service to non-Edge equipment, please speak with a customer service representative for more details.

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My screen is black, what’s wrong?

I keep getting emails about a problem with my system, what’s the issue?